A New Face Each Day? Alex Does.. [Movie]

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DIY! Neon Lights Nails!! [Passion Microbead/Caviar nails]

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Do It Yourself!!!

*About to hop in the shower so I didn’t bother to perfect the edges. The shower will take care of that.

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  • Matte Hot Fuschia Nails (base coat first)
  • Topcoat where you want microbeads
  • Dip your finger in or pour the beads over your nails (keep a dish under hand to catch loose beads)



*Cover with top coat if you intend on keeping for more than a couple days.

** Use nail glue to adhere beads if you want extra staying power.

*** A “picker upper”, orange stick or wet cotton bud can be used to apply beads individually (see my early nail tutorials)

Whats on my mind [fashion/nails]

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  • Love these felted hangars in black or grey (HomeGoods)
  • Love Metallic nails since minx did then back in 2007! Sally Hansen has similar ones now.

Update [Sally Hansen Toe Nail Stickers]

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They lasted one full month.

I put a clear coat over them after about 10 days but it probably wasn’t needed.

I will repurchase but only after more design options come out.

Great for midterms/finals when getting a pedicure just isn’t going to happen.

EYE CANDY  [Current Favorites]

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[Champagne Ball bearing nails]

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  • Clear coat
  • 2 coats of your color
  • Clear coat
  • Pour beads over nails w/ bowl underneath to catch the run off
  • Clear coat


* Beads from craft store, nail polish Orly Halley’s comet

* Link to my two Micro Bead Nails the red version, Microbead nails the Dark Blue version from last year.

* Microbeads from Michael’s but can also be bought online.

* Beads can have a stronger hold if you use nail glue.

Yes, I let it grow out just to test this. . … [Veet]

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Hair removal..

  • Spray on dry skin
  • Wait 10 min.
  • Scrape.
  • Rinse.



* Veet Spray on Cream Hair Remover for legs and body, sensitive formula with Aloe Vera from Walgreens

Doobie Doobie [Straight hair no heat]

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As long as its healthy you won’t need a heat styling tool, if its not, like mine, just touch it up with a flat iron (one swipe where you need it).

  • Create a part by the ear
  • Wrap clean hair around the head
  • Pin with bobby pins one going up, one going down

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